Traditional & classic Christmas ornaments that are timeless and liven up your home! This collection of premium glass Christmas ornaments is inspired by typical Christmas colours: red, green and white! The traditional and stylized patterns are refined and ornaments are often created in pairs. The fairy-tale figurines boy and girl with a gingerbread, Christmas tree, car… complete the warm atmosphere. It will inspire dreams for young and old!
Botanic and winter patterns, with white contour are the leitmotiv in this collection. Classic shape of baubles is complemented with birds, hearts, bells and musical instruments. 
This collection also includes a very special handcrafted decorations made by Sheltered Workshop in Liberec. By purchasing those decorations, you are supporting activities of this center, that takes care of mentally and physically impaired. Your help is very much appreciated! 
Christmas ball with a carp Christmas ball with a carp In Stock 20.50 €
Red bauble with white décor Red bauble with white décor In Stock 8.28 €
Fire truck Christmas ornament Fire truck Christmas ornament In Stock 13.83 €
Bauble in red matt with decor Bauble in red matt with decor In Stock 8.83 €
Christmas candy cane red Christmas candy cane red In Stock 5.50 €
Glass bird red Glass bird red In Stock 4.94 €
Glass flower red Glass flower red In Stock 3.83 €
Red olive with snowy swirls Red olive with snowy swirls In Stock 6.06 €
Glass carousel with horses Glass carousel with horses In Stock 21.06 €
Christmas violin decoration Christmas violin decoration In Stock 11.06 €
Brown violin glass decoration Brown violin glass decoration In Stock 12.72 €
Glass ornament violin Glass ornament violin In Stock 11.06 €
Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood In Stock 4.39 €
Christmas glass red trumpet Christmas glass red trumpet In Stock 7.17 €
Glossy red Christmas icicle Glossy red Christmas icicle In Stock 5.50 €
Icicle red matt Icicle red matt In Stock 5.50 €
Icicle gold glossy Icicle gold glossy In Stock 4.94 €
Glass boy with a lantern Glass boy with a lantern In Stock 17.72 €

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