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Glassor Decorations is a Czech artisanal company specializing in the design and manufacture of mouth-blown and hand-painted glass Christmas ornaments. Attention to detail, patience and precious know-how of our blowers and painters are essential for the creation of these unique ornaments.  
The tradition of glassware in the Czech Republic dates back to the 13th century and has been present in the country’s culture since then. The high-quality Czech glass is known worldwide under the name of "Bohemian glass." These traditional techniques were applied for the creation of Christmas ornaments started by the mid-19th century. The region of Bohemia, where Glassor Decorations is headquartered, then became the centre of production of Christmas ornaments.
Glass and glassware are an inseparable part of our Czech culture. This tradition has been handed down for generations and Glassor Decorations, a family firm, cherishes this heritage. Our mission is to continue this ancestral artisanal production of premium quality hand-painted glass Christmas decorations. These unique products are truly heirlooms, which will be adored for generations to come.

Turning glass into Emotions

Are you wondering how are our glass ornaments made?

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All Glassor Decorations’s delicate pieces of art are mouth-blown and hand-painted in-house by the finest artisans. Each ornament is created through a process that takes several days and that follows an age-old tradition of glassmaking in the Czech Republic. Glassor Decorations's mission is to continue this heritage of handcrafted glass, which leads to consistently premium quality crafted glass that is increasingly difficult to find today. This extraordinary product is truly an heirloom, to be adored for generations to come! Merry Christmas! Veselé Vánoce!

GLASS-BLOWING First, the glass is heated directly above the flame, and then the hot glass is mouth-blown into the required shape freely above the burner or using a special mold. For example, baubles, tree toppers, olives, rockets, spikes or bells are free-blown shapes. Learning how to blow glass shapes takes a long time -- sometimes even years. A good blower of Christmas ornaments can blow dozens of ornaments per day.
SILVERING Silvering is a process that is used for a specific desired look of the final product. Not all ornaments incorporate this technique. During silvering, a silver solution is applied into the mouth-blown glass ornament. Then the ornament with the silver solution inside is bathed in hot water. The chemical reaction between the hot water from the outside and the silver solution from the inside gives to the ornament a magical mirror effect. The silvered ornaments then must dry on wooden stands before base colour application.
BASE COLOUR APPLICATION When the clear mouth-blow or silvered mouth-blow ornaments have dried and cooled down, the base colour application, called “dyeing,” follows. Ornaments that require a base colour before the actual hand-painting are soaked in the colour. Matte, shiny, transparent colours or those that create a frost effect are applied. The clear transparent ornaments do not incorporate any base colour; instead, decorations are applied directly on the mouth-blown glass.
DRYING The next step for ornaments soaked in a base colour is drying. Coloured ornaments are placed into an automatic drying tunnel to dry. This step may take several hours, up to days. The ornaments must be completely dry before the decorating process can begin.
HAND-PAINTING Glass decorations are then hand-painted and decorated. Our painters decorate ornaments with hand-painted motifs of various shapes and styles. Some ornaments are adorned with shimmering glitters, shining stones or feathers. This process together with glass-blowing is the most difficult and artistic part of the production, where true pieces of art are being crafted. Also for certain designs all ornaments made in the line are painted by one person to keep as close look as possible of each piece in a line. Therefore, each ornament is indeed original!
COMPLETION AND PACKING At the end a metal clasp is inserted into the ornament neck. The clasp allows an ornament to hang. Further, our Glassor Decorations label is attached to the metal clasp, followed by the final quality control and packing of ornaments into paper boxes. The second quality check is made prior to shipping of the ornaments to our customers.

Our production

We transform the glass into emotions and wonder to embellish the Christmas holidays!

Because nothing is too special for Christmas celebrations!

Glassor Decorations is a Czech artisanal company specialized in the design, manufacture, sale and export of Christmas decorations made of blown glass. The tradition of glassmaking in the Czech Republic dates back to the 13th century and has been present in the country’s culture since then. Czech glass is known worldwide under the name of “Bohemian glass”. The traditional techniques were applied to create Christmas ornaments starting in the mid-19th century. The company Glassor Decorations, a family firm, cherishes this heritage and is committed to continuing the ancestral artisanal production of premium quality blown and hand-painted glass decorations.
Glassor Decorations offers an extensive selection of Christmas decorations, in all colours, shapes, designs, and finishes. The most traditional products are glass baubles of different dimensions, but also tree toppers, bells, hearts and many other shapes and figurine ornaments. Furthermore, Glassor Decorations every year presents several new collections. Materials used for Glassor Decorations’s production come from local suppliers or EU countries. All manufacturing processes are in accordance with the regulations established by the competent state authorities and the quality management is framed by the SGS ISO 9001:2015 certification. In 2015 Jicin production, located in the northern Czech Republic, was modernized to increase the manufacturing capacity and reduce its impact on the environment.

Where do the glass Christmas decorations come from?

This is in the 4th century that Christmas is becoming the most important holiday for all Christians of the world. The Christmas tree, symbol of the Christmas by excellence, has appeared just over 400 years ago. Its decoration is the most endearing moment which brings together young and old, in France and elsewhere. Indeed, a few days before Christmas, the whole family install together in the centre of the living space the Christmas three and decorate it with a thousand lights.

But once, how our ancestors decorated their Christmas tree?

The Christmas tree, symbol of the Christmas, has appeared about 400 years ago. The moments when the whole family decorates the Christmas tree brings lots of memorable moments.
However back then, there were no glass ornaments as we know them today. Trees were placed on a wooden base shaped in cross or, for lack of space, often hanged from the ceiling. People then decorated them with candles, often by 12 candles to be exact, one for each month of the year. Candles symbolized the eternal light of Bethlehem. In addition to the candles, the Christmas trees were simply decorated with red apples, which symbolized the tree of paradise, but also pine apples, honey cakes, nut shells, gingerbreads, and another natural products. Decorations made of straw, paper and wood chips were also very common. Eventually, chains of coloured paper, small paintings with Christmas motifs, ribbons and even small rag dolls were used together with the natural decorations. The big change came in the 19th century, following a very poor harvest of apples in Alsace. At that time glassblowers around Strasbourg had the idea to replace the apples with glass baubles! This idea was so innovative and was greeted with such enthusiasm that all the artisans specialized on the mouth-blown glass in the region adopted this technique and began the production of mouth-blown and hand-painted glass Christmas ornaments. In the mid-19th century, the glass Christmas baubles of Lorraine and Bohemia were the most appreciated. Following this technique, the Glassor Decorations artisans create the glass ornaments today in our factory in the Czech Republic.

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