Miracle of Nature

Prepare something special for this Christmas and decorate the Christmas tree with the ornaments inspired by mother nature

World-class designers were blown away by ornaments from this collection for the upcoming Christmas season. Designer Annetta Palmisano and her team included the best pieces from this collection among the top products at the respected Christmasworld Christmas fair.

The Miracle of Nature collection comes from earthy colours - beige, copper, cream, brown with a light touch of blue tones. This collection fits nicely with the ornaments of owls, birds and mushrooms from your grandmother’s ornaments made in the past. This collection will enchant with its simplicity and soothing feelings like a walk through a snowy winter landscape.
Brown Christmas ball Brown Christmas ball In Stock 7.17 €
Golden bauble with twigs Golden bauble with twigs In Stock 7.72 €
Glass gold seal decoration Glass gold seal decoration In Stock 7.17 €
Christmas walnut golden Christmas walnut golden In Stock 5.50 €
Star champagne with glitter Star champagne with glitter In Stock 7.17 €
balls balls In Stock 7.17 €
Glass olive bronze twigs Glass olive bronze twigs In Stock 5.50 €
Glass Christmas ball brown Glass Christmas ball brown In Stock 4.39 €
Golden icicle flower decor Golden icicle flower decor In Stock 6.06 €
Turquoise glass ball with owl Turquoise glass ball with owl In Stock 8.83 €
Glass swan with white feathers Glass swan with white feathers In Stock 12.17 €
Gold cone Christmas ornament Gold cone Christmas ornament In Stock 4.94 €
Brown-blue Christmas ball Brown-blue Christmas ball In Stock 7.72 €
Brown-blue Christmas olive
Brown-blue Christmas olive In Stock 5.50 €
Brown-blue Christmas drop 
Brown-blue Christmas drop In Stock 4.94 €
Brown-blue glass heart
Brown-blue glass heart In Stock 5.50 €
Brown tree topper with decor Brown tree topper with decor In Stock 4.94 €

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