Christmas 2017 - trends

Christmas is coming soon, and you are not sure yet in what tone or style you will be decorating this holiday season. Thanks to our decorations you can decorate not only the Christmas tree, but the entire home.

For Christmas 2017 you can choose between four lines of decoration - natural, modern, retro and traditional. It's up to you, which direction suit to you the most.
If you decide for a natural style, your Christmas will be directed to simple decorations in clear or monochromatic ornaments as well as smooth golden-brown tones. Another interesting addition you can choose from decorations in the shapes of natural motifs - mushrooms, birds, owls.

If you love to follow new trends and want to be IN, you will be thrilled by our brand new elegant collection, which is based on white with simple golden or black decors with minimalist patterns. The inspiration for this collection is based on Nordic decorations and Scandinavian design.
Do you like to decorate your tree with ornaments you know from your childhood -  a Christmas tree full of ornaments with colourful patterns or merry figurines? GLASSOR brings in the spirit of the Christmas of our childhood a series of ornaments in the retro style, which either by their shape or colour pattern will create beautiful moments for your children as well. You can choose beautiful cars, trains, dwarf figures or snowmen. If you choose traditional shapes such as baubles, bells, olives, icicles or hearts in bright colours, use the ones with the finest monochromatic colours.

Traditional Christmas colour is gold. GLASSOR has prepared a gorgeous collection inspired by the starry sky, which is very luxurious. The traditional gold combined with a dark blue colour, this is the new collection Across the Starlit Sky with beautiful ornaments of various shapes.
In addition to Christmas tree decorations, GLASSOR offers a glass candle holder decoration, table ornaments with flat bottom as well as wax candles and candlesticks.

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