Wedding in Winter – a romantic classic

Do you like a traditional wedding, do not want to go into experiments, but do you plan to make this special day, one of the most beautiful experiences in life in the winter? How to do that?

Flowers and bouquets

No specific wedding bouquet is used for a classic winter wedding. So, the choice remains only on your personal preferences. Certainly, you won’t make mistake by choosing a bouquet in white, cream or powdery pink. This kind of bouquet will look pleasantly with the snowy landscape. Good option are plants, which are easy to get in this period. For example, mistletoe, various conifers, eucalyptus or briars.
It's just upon the bride which flowers you like... roses, lilies ... nowadays it is not even a problem to arrange tulips at this time of a year. Just be careful about re-combining different kinds of flowers. It is best to follow the rule: beauty is in simplicity.
Do not forget to match a wedding bouquet with a whole wedding decoration.

What to combine with?

White colour is synonymous with a classic wedding. In white, not only the bride, but also the place of the event, should be dressed. That's why you do not have to worry about making a wedding in the winter.
Do not be afraid to combine the white colour with other colours such as gold, silver, cream beige, light pink or bronze. Combine the white colour with just one other colour. The second colour can define the style and atmosphere of the overall event. Again, it depends mainly on the taste of future newlyweds.



The classic wedding is carried in a classic style. But everyone has a different idea of ​​the classic style, so try to choose decorations according to your personality. What do you like and what you do not like? What materials are you close to and what fabrics are you comfortable to touch? Try the classic wedding to create your own classics and follow it simply with your heart and instinct. This is the only way to create your own right wedding. Glass is a classic material that you will not make a mistake with when decorating a wedding table.

Attention to detail

Details are the key to all success. When arranging a classic wedding you will find a tremendous amount of inspiration. You can use glass table seating plan holders to create an original look of your wedding table or sweet bar. How about a little gift to every guest in the form of a small flower, a candleholder that adorned your desk or a surprise? There's plenty of ideas and options, just to start!


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