Get ready for this year's Christmas in advance! Maybe you noticed that every year before Christmas you are not in time, buying the latest gifts and decorations for the Christmas tree just before Christmas Eve, wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve, while with the other hand you are mixing your potato salad? Due to all the rush and hectic days right before the Christmas holidays a lot of people really do not enjoy holidays and it´s a great pity. Christmas should be a time spent in rest and full of enjoy surrounded by family.

Do it differently and enjoy fully this Christmas.

1. {C}Make a list of what you need to make before Christmas - gifts, decorations, cleaning, food and drink buying, etc. Even if you have all things scheduled, be sure you remember other important things to do and then you still have enough time to arrange it.

{C}2. {C}Choose and buy your Christmas decoration and ornaments now, or later at our e-shop. Manufacturers of Christmas decorations such as the GLASSOR Ltd. produce their decorations throughout the year, so you can easily buy it in June when you have more time. Get through your collection of Christmas decorations and make a list, or just see what you like on the Internet. You can also look at Czech and foreign magazines and get inspired by new trends for Christmas in 2013.
{C}3. {C}Buy your gifts in advance, and buy a few universal gifts that you can give to whom you should be forgotten. When you see something you like, buy it and you will have just few gifts to buy right before Christmas some things you can buy even cheaper than in the winter sales. Also buy other items you need for Christmas, such as napkins, candles and sparklers.
4. If you send Christmas postcards, prescribe is also ahead, buy and sticker stamps and few days before Christmas just simply throw them into the postbox.
5. Christmas cookies. Cookies, you should have all baked about 14 days to a week before Christmas. Reserve at least two weekends or when you go home from work earlier and several evenings after work for baking. If you want to bake gingerbread too, then you can simply bake them in November and decorate them through evenings watching television. If you do not have time for baking, you can simply order and buy your Christmas cookies at confectioner´s. Buy cookies for tasting of the wedding _ let you know what will. Christmas and wedding cookies is usually much the same and different only toppings.

Pokud si takto vše dopředu nachystáte, budete potom v posledním týdnu před svátky už jen dolaďovat a budete mít čas vyrazit třeba na vánoční trhy, zajít na brusle a podobně.



If you'll set up all in advance, then you will have enough time during the final week before the holidays just finish details and you will have time to go to the Christmas markets, go skating, skiing or what you like.


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