Advent has already begun - do you have already your advent wreath?

If you have hesitated a bit and do not yet have an advent wreath or any other Christmas decoration at home, get inspired with our tip how to create a simple and beautiful decoration on your own ... simple DYI!

To create a beautiful decoration, you can use part of the ornaments you plan to put on your Christmas tree. So, like that you can make the whole Christmas decoration in one style.
So, what is the first step? Choose natural materials, light chain, glass decorations and decorative spray.

If you are a fan of simple Nordic design, you should definitely choose a natural wreath from twigs or wicker. Then decorate them gently with ribbons with hanging white - golden ornaments. If you want to be more creative, you can decorate the garland with dry flowers and spray the entire garland with a coloured spray. By doing so, you will unify the whole base of the decoration on which the glass decorations will stand out.


Another part of the Christmas decoration that you can match with an advent wreath is decoration on a table or commode in the form of twigs. Beautifully embellished with clear baubles with elegant black and gold dots, which represents minimalistic but modern style of approaching Christmas.

If you have an extra light chain, you can place it in a larger glass clear vase or pot and arrange glass ornaments around. And voila? You have an original Christmas light decoration!

When making these decorations you can also involve your children. They will be happy to assist you and you can enjoy spending a joyful time with them while preparing for the most magical time of a year!

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