The beautiful story of Christmas glass balls

How do we produce Christmas hand-blown ornaments?

The GLASSOR glassware continues the tradition of producing mouth-blown glass and hand-painted Christmas ornaments. Each form is blown and painted individually with a care which gives its unique appearance to an ornament. Our experienced painters are inspired from traditional patterns as well as modern trends. Each decoration pattern is unique and original which is afterwards developed in different forms and hence compose a larger collection.

How a glass becomes a beautiful Christmas ornament?

The production process is divided into four stages:

First, the glass rods is heated directly by the flame. The warmed glass is then blown by using a special form in the case of figures, or "mouth" for the balls, drops, bells and others. Blowing well the glass ornament is not easy and requires a long learning process that can take several months up to years. Our masters are able to blow a hundred balls a day. 
In the second phase is called “silvering”, because of using a silver solution that is poured inside the ornament. The reaction with the hot water, that the ornament is soaked in, a thin silver layer remains on the glass wall of the ornament. This simple process gives to a transparent ball the magical effect of reflecting mirror.
In the third phase, called drying, the ornaments have to be completely dry so that then the layers of colour and pattern can be applied on the ornament and remains on its surface.
Then, the desired colour is applied - matte or glossy or the transparency of the ornament is kept. Decorative motifs and patterns are hand-painted on the ornaments by our experienced painters. In addition to painting, they also use glitters, beads or feathers for a glass ornament in its final semblance.
Finally, the neck of the ornaments is cut from the ramaining rod and a metal hook is placed so we can hang the ornament on the tree.

Merry Christmas!

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