Conditions of Competition 2017

1. Organiser of the competition:
GLASSOR s.r.o.
Palackeho 239
460 07 Liberec 7
ID No. 25449265
VAT Reg. No. CZ25449265
(only “organiser”)
2. Time and place of the competition:
The competition takes place in the Czech Republic from 24. 12. 2017 to 4. 2. 2018 (“place” and “time” of the competition).
3. Participation in the competition:
The competitor has to be a person older than 15 years, who has purchased ornaments and decorations from GLASSOR s.r.o. which has sent in the time of the competition a photo of a Christmas tree with the Christmas decorations from GLASSOR s.r.o. according to the organiser's instructions in .jpg format. 

Only those contestants, who will fully and properly fulfill all the conditions of the competition, will be accepted in the competition. The organizer of the competition has the right to the final assessment of the fulfillment of the specified conditions of the competition by individual competitors.
Persons not fulfilling the conditions for participation in the competition or acting in violation of the rules of the competition will not be included in the competition. If it turns out that such a person, despite the above mentioned, has become a winner, for example because of the false information he has provided, he is not entitled to a win. In this case, the next competitor will take a place of the discarded contestant. Only physical person can participate in this competition and win a maximum of one price in one category.
4. Winner, prizes and delivery of the prizes:
The winners will be awarded in two categories - "Likes" and Jury. The winner of the competition will become a competitor who will send a photo of a Christmas tree with GLASSOR ornaments from December 24, 2017 to February 4, 2018. In the  "Likes" category will win 3 photos, that collects in the period from February 7, 2018 to March 1, 2018 12:00h the most "Like" rating on GLASSOR s.r.o. official Facebook page. We evaluate the 3 best photos that will be rewarded according to the order (number of Likes). In addition, 3 trees will receive the Jury's awards. The other participants in the competition on the 4th and the next places will receive prizes for participation in the competition. The Jury has 3 members: Veronika Kavanová, Jana Nevyhoštěná and Petra Hofmanová.

5. In any case, it is not possible to generate "Likes" over false profiles or groups. In the event of any suspicion of obtaining "Likes" this way, the organizer has the full right to exclude such competitor from the competition or to decide to remove votes from suspicious profiles.

6. The names of the winners of the competition will be published on the website www.glassor.cz no later than March 6, 2018 by the organizer of the competition. Prizes will be sent electronically to the winner's e-mails, reristered by the winners when submiting the photo to the competition, or to alternative e-mail only after telephone or e-mail agreement with the organizer. The prizes are valid till November 15, 2018. The organizer is not responsible for the non-delivery of prizes to emails communicated by the winner of the contest. Prizes will be automatically sent to winners no later than 30 days after the announcement of all winners of the contest. In case of failure to deliver (eg sender return) or any other issue, these prizes will be forfeited without refund by the organizer.

7. Organizer is not liable for loss, non-delivery or delay of shipments of orderes for which the prize was applied, nor for late notices sent by post, e-mail or otherwise.

8. By participating in the contest, the contestant expresses his / her agreement to the rules of the competition and undertakes to fully respect them.

9. Participation in the competition and prizes can not be enforced by justice or alternatively recompensed in cash or credit.

10. The organizer of the competition reserves the right to change or modify the competition rules at any time, or to cancel the competition without giving any reasons and determining the refund.

11. By participating in the competition each participant agrees to its rules and by the organizer and the sponsor being entitled to publish the names of the winner for an indefinite period of time and to publish the sent pictures free of charge on the company's web servers, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other partner sites as well as publishing in other marketing materials.

12. By participating in the contest, the participant gives up any rights to the submitted photographs or the right to a fee resulting from the subsequent presentation of the submitted photographs.
13. The organizer is not responsible for any risks associated with prizes, don't accept any obligations to winners other than those set forth by these rules and the winners are not entitled to any other performance by the organizer than those specified in these rules.
14. The organizer reserves the right to exclude from the competition any submitted photographs that do not comply with the rules of the competition or otherwise contradict the good morals or regulations of the Czech Republic or may damage the competition or the reputation of the organizer.

15. A contestant will be excluded from the competition if the organizer discovers or will have a legitimate suspicion of committing fraudulent or unfair behavior by any contestant or other person who has helped the contestant win the prize.
16. The organiser ensures the payment of the tax from the prizes in conformity to the right rules.

17. By participating in the competition, the contestant agrees to use contestant personal data on www.glassor.cz ("data"), the contestant confirms their consent to their inclusion in the Glassor.cz internet shop - GLASSOR s.r.o. based on Palackého 239, 460 07 Liberec 7, ID No. 25449265, VAT Reg. No. CZ25449265, as trustee (the "Company") and its subsequent processing by the processor for marketing purposes by the Company, ie. the offering of products and services, including sending information about the organized events, products and other activities, as well as the sending of commercial messages by electronic means pursuant to Act No. 480/2004 Coll., for a period of time until the withdrawal of the consent (for a maximum of 10 years), with the fact that these data other data may be assigned. He acknowledges that he has the rights according to § 11, 21 of the Act. No 101/2000 Coll., ie in particular that the provision of the data is voluntary, that its consent can be withdrawn free of charge at any time at the Company's address, that it has the right to access to personal data and the right to correct such personal data, block personal data incorrectly, etc. IIn case of doubt about the regulatory compliance by the administrator, the competitor may contact the Company or may contact the Office for Personal Data Protection if necessary.

18. All employees of the organizer, sponsor and all cooperating agencies, companies, and persons close to them are excluded from the competition. If the winner becomes a person who is an employee of the listed company or a person close to them, the price is not surrendered.

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