1. Menu

The user menu is located at the top of the website. Here you will immediately find what you need. By clicking through the menu you can get into particular sections of the e-shop. 


2. Sections

All of our items are listed in separated sections. A list of related products will display after clicking on the section title. Some sections also have subcategories for easier, more specific search.


3. Product list

If you click on the section you are interested in or you do the search (see below), your browser will offer you a list of all items found. Every item has a thumbnail containing the product name and price (including possible discount). You can immediately put the selected item into basket (see "basket"). You can remove any of the products from the basket later. By clicking on certain item, you will get to its product page. Here you can see the product name, price, possible discount, detailed description and pictures.


4. Search

You can find the search box at the top-right corner of the page. The product can be searched by its name or its part or by the article number. 


5. Putting items into basket

You can put certain product to your basket by simply clicking on the basket icon next to the product picture. You can then continue shopping or finish and place your order.


6. Basket

In the basket, you can see the list of all items you have put in there during your selection. Here you have options of modifying your order, such as changing ordered quantities, removing added products separately or deleting all.


7. Checkout

The checkout is directly linked to the basket. You can choose the payment method and delivery option at the bottom part of the page. Afterwards, click on "send order". You will receive an e-mail with the order confirmation later on.


8. Signing up and its advantages

If you sign up to our website, you won't have to fill your personal data every time you place an order. You will also have the possibility to view your previous orders. All user information entered can be modified by clicking on "data correction" at the bottom of the page.


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