Christmas & Easter Trends 2012

Chrismtmas & Easter Trends 2012

Source:Messe Frankfurt

The design exhibition in Frankfort, Germany, which has been held at the end of January, have visited over 87 thousands of visitors from all over the world. Like every year, they could choose out of three sections: the Christmas World, the World of Paper and the Creative World respectively where various trends have been presented.

The Christmas section of this year has been characterized by rich snow cover - by trees under the mantle of white virgin snow especially. Decorative snow has also garnished a wide range of Christmas wreaths. The effect of a frozen raindrop or a sparkling snow takes currently the center stage and dominates over the glass decorations. Decorations for Christmas trees and feast tables are heading the direction to classic shapes – balls, stars, cherubs or little figures. That way, this is what brings back the traditional form to the Christmas.

The trends for Easter 2012 go back to the traditional symbols such as rabbits, chicks, decorated eggs and Easter nests. Sprigs, flourishing lawns and blooms are also a part of this year’s trends as well as spring colors. Light green, or sparkling yellow with orange evoke the right spirits regardless the April weather of the Easter time.

Velikonoční ozdoby trendy 2012Source:Messe Frankfurt

And what about the trends indicated by the Ambiente Exhibition of this year? The year 2012 is full of optimism, challenging colors in the largest spectrum, simplicity, freedom and unusual contrasts. According to these impressions, four current directions have been defined: the Electric Romance, the Dark Attitude, the Light Innocence and the Radiant Modernity.

The Electric Romance presents the tradition in a current cover. Natural as well as sustainable materials in rich summer colors: grass-green, sunflower-yellow or vermillion-blue – give the decoration the right elegance. The design is characterized by pastoral themes with flowers, cubes, sprigs with leaves and birds and rustic embroidery.

Vánoční ozdoby trendy 2012 - elektrická romanceSource:Messe Frankfurt

The Dark Attitude is the combination of a leisure and glamour style and creates, thus, an unusual appearance for everyday use which, however, doesn’t lose the extravagance. The symbol of this trend is finewood in combination with metals and matt denim cloth and dominant colors like navy-blue, chestnut-brown, smoky-grey and graphite-black.

Vánoční ozdoby trendy 2012 - temný přístupSource:Messe Frankfurt

The Light Innocence is a type of more puritanical style. The key theme is a light evoking a feel of ethereality and delicacy through pastel colors. In forward position are almost all forms of glass – whether porcelain, ceramics or organic forms. Renouncing entire expressiveness, it pays strong attention to delicacy and elaboration. On the contrary, the focus is the beauty of simplicity.

Vánoční ozdoby trendy 2012 - světlá nevinnostSource:Messe Frankfurt

The Radiant Modernity is a trend of flaming colors with the design of the Seventies and the Eighties. It is a high-spirited style with the dominance of the combination of shining colors and natural materials – shining yellow, dark-nightshade or light-fuchsia-blue with wood, metal and leather perfectly fit to the graphical patterns where even fancy color scheme doesn’t stay behind.

Vánoční ozdoby trendy 2012 - světlá modernita Source:Messe Frankfurt

This year’s trends differ by colors, shapes, combinations but also by that what they say about us. You can let enhance your home by delicate elegance and darker shades or fancy color scheme and playfulness. There are no limits for anything so that all depends on your fantasy. Natural or sustainable materials can become a perfect decoration and, in the combination with design goods, give your home the right appearance.

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