Christmas decorations – trends 2010

We believe that you desire to get your Christmas home shining according to the latest decorative fashion trends. And so dive with us today into new trends for this Christmas. Spend Christmas 2010 stylish in any time.

Christmas decoration trends for Christmas 2010/2011 have discovered which colors, materials and even the motives are right ones for these times of winter fun.

The central motive for the year 2010 is the change and new beginnings. After a period of uncertainty coming period returning for a permanent, real and timeless values ​​- is dominated by the colors that evoke optimism. Themes are brightly colored and an element of individuality becomes important. The color of the year 2010 stays lilac, which is newly combined with shades of blue. The change in trend is also evident in shapes. The classical balls, angels, drops and birds will be added all sorts of fairy tale characters, mushrooms and pets Designers from the agency bora.herke have chosen four major trends for this season: "Authentic", "optimistic", "eccentric" and "Graphics". Decorate your house, Christmas tree and yourself according to the latest fashion trends.

TREND No. 1 Simplicity is beauty - an authentic trend

"Authentic trend" is using simplicity. Literally, thus uses and practiced the motto that beauty is in simplicity. For this natural style is characteristic a combination of old and new pieces. This "fusion" then creates an original flair - a simple and individual style, which includes a warm gray, olivine green, petrol blue, sand gray, alabaster and linseed white. The materials for this trend include bright, white wood, cotton and glass. These are often combined with color effects, knitted fabric and woven patterns, floral motives and landscape sketches.

TREND No. 2 Modernity combined with handicraft - optimistic trend

"Optimistic trend" is compared to the previous trend about combining craft skills and stylish modernism. This trend is full of live that gives a wide range of creative sphere and unconventional ideas. Impressive feature of this style is possible use of artificial materials such as plastics, foil and rubber linings or covers combined with handicraft techniques. Amazing is also a wide variety of colors which includes notes of mocha, salmon pink, dark red, emerald green, canary yellow and aqua. This optimistic expression aims to create something special and take advantage of every opportunity for a great party.

TREND No. 3 Mix of cultures and art directions – eccentric trend

"Eccentric trend" will mix different cultures, eras and styles at your home. This trend is characteristic for its ornamental decoration, animal skins, as it is specific by using materials such as velvet, embossed leather or feather. Colored in tones of gold, olive, red wine, dark ruby red, succinct and dark blue-green. This divine and breathtaking style decorates ceremony of Christmas dinner, but also snappy cocktail parties. Just for all ceremonially tuned, nice and funny moments full of elegance.

TREND NO. 4 Clear lines, gold, silver, and black and white pattern - graphic trend

The last "Graphic trend" often uses gold and silver accents. Appearance presented as "graphic trend" is casual, a sporting and elegant. Plays with geometric patterns in shades of white and velvet black. In some places, penetrate the surface distinctive gold and silver accessories. Stripe motives guarantee seeming moving effects also common are grids formations or other abstract shapes. Shiny glass surfaces create metallic effects. Ceremonial decoration of this graphical shape and seemingly effortless creates clean lines.

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