Christmas decorations 2012

Modern or, on the contrary, traditional Christmas ornaments ? You may have both with us !

At our e-shop www.glassor.cz you can find various Christmas ornaments – recent in the token of blue and turquoise shade but, also, traditional gold, silver and red Christmas tree balls.

The Christmas holiday is the highlight of the advent time. For the most of us this is the time of pleasure and magic decorations. Are you going to celebrate your first Christmas in your new apartment and you intent to buy new decoration or, you just need to upgrade your current collection by few pieces? Don’t you know how the trends of 2012 are?

If you don’t like too colorful decoration go for traditional gold, silver, green and red Christmas tree balls and complement these by timeless patterns such as hearts, stars and spaceships. Cover your table with flower arrangements and make it perfect by using red and silver Christmas ornaments on a few spots. And should you decide for the white-red combination you reliably inspirit it by a shine of silver. Decorate your Christmas tree, besides lighting strings, by silver balls solely and accomplish them by big red bows. A simple band awakes the feeling of luxury and elegance.

Do you want your Christmas decoration for this year to be in? Make your choice of Christmas ornaments right here.

This year’s oncoming season will be in the token of intensive and rich shades. Besides new colors, you can see delicate light conception and diligent choice of materials and techniques of processing. Bright colors reach maximum shining intensity and depth right in the connection with light effects and shiny surfaces. Immerse yourself into the atmosphere and choose one of the four basic trends which include fair and serious style, are naturally fresh and neat and base upon shiny colors. But, to begin with, make sure that the Christmas decoration suits your home design. And, the main point is, that the chosen decoration brings pleasure and joy to you.

1. SOFT CLOUD - Harmony and Elegance

Bright warm and creamy shades, e.g. natural white, sand grey and grey-beige with the combination of delicate shades of turquoise, apricot or mauve.

If you are interested in this collection look to our e-shop bell No.762, silver balls No.150, white balls No.789 , white balls transparent No.418, champagne ball No. 632 and 622.


2. FANCY FOLK - Modern Interpretation of Folklore and Tradition

1. Rich, shiny shades, e.g. fuchsia color, forest-green, sky-blue and red-weed are being combined with grey and dark-ochre.

Check the balls in traditional colors and designs, which can be found in our e-shop: red ball No.620 and No. 621, red olive No. 619, gold-green ball No. 356 and No.404, heart No. 757 and cone No. 44.

3. LATE NIGHT GLAM - Glamour, Disco and 1970's Chic

1. Exotic touch to the colors provides the combination of dark-brown, plumy-blue and black in contrast with orange and gold.

Choose a luxury decors and shape of this collection: Cars veteran No.796, wizard No.46, bird č.375 and purple ball No. 519.

4. COOL VIBRANCY - Optimism and Vitality

Shiny yellow, dark nightshade or light fuchsia blue with wood, metal and leather perfectly fit to the graphical patterns with a large variety of colors.

If you want to spend this Christmas with optimistic ease do not forget to choose from our e-shop these decors: ball blue No. 279 and No.277, Rocket Blue No. 276, hearts blue No. 278 , pink decor ball No. 549, free shape No 200.

Enjoy this year the right Christmas and decorate your home by beautiful shiny Christmas balls. Just make your choice.

You can find all Christmas decorations right here ->

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