Design Fair in Frankfurt, held in late January, visited by over 87,000 visitors from many countries. As every year they could choose from three sections, namely in the Christmas world, a world of paper or Creative world in which were presented a variety of trends.

Christmas section was characteristic by plenty of snow this year, mainly trees veiled in white powder snow. Decorative snow also adorned diverse kinds of wreaths. Effect of frozen raindrops or glittering snow is once again trendy and dominates the glass decorations. Decorations for Christmas trees and tables are heading back to the classic shapes - banks, stars, angels or figures. Christmas returns to their traditional form.

Trends of Easter 2012 are returning to the traditional symbols such as rabbits, chickens, decorated Easter eggs and nests. Sprigs, grass and blossoming flowers are also part of this year's trends as well as a spring colors. Light green, or brilliant yellow with orange will create the right mood, regardless of the April weather of Easter. And what trends dictate this year's trade fair Ambiente? Year 2012 is filled with optimism, bold colors in the greatest range, simplicity, freedom and unusual contrasts. Under these impressions were defined four current trends called electric romance, dark attitude, light innocence and radiant modernity.

Electrical romance shows tradition in the modern coat. Natural and sustainable materials in rich summer colors - grass green, sunflower yellow or vermilion blue - give to decorations elegance. Design is pastoral stylized with motives of flowers, bricks, branches with leaves and birds and rustic embroideries.

Dark attitude is a combination of casual style and glamour, creating an unusual look for everyday use, but do not lose extravagance. Feature of this trend are rare wood in combination with metals and rough denim, dominant colors are navy blue, brown, smoky gray and graphite black.

Light innocence represents puritan style. The main topic is a light that using pastel colors creates ethereal and soft feelings. Dominated by almost all forms of glass, whether porcelain, ceramic or organic forms. Renounces to all expressiveness and places strong emphasis on softness and sophistication. Conversely, this trend is betting on the beauty of simplicity.

Radiant modernity trend is full of glaring color with a design 70s and 80s. Is a courageous style, dominated by the combination of bright colors and natural materials - bright yellow, dark aborigine or light fuchsia blue with wood, metal and leather perfectly complemented by graphic patterns, which not lagging behind rich colors.

This year's trends have different colors, shapes, combinations, but also they are revealing about us. You can decorate your home; you can by beautify delicate elegance and darker shades or a wide variety of color and playfulness. Nothing has any limits, so always depends on your imagination. Natural or sustainable materials can easily become perfect decorations, and combined with design goods add the home the right look.

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