Conditions of Competition 2015

1. Organiser of the competition:
GLASSOR s.r.o.
Palackého 239
460 07 Liberec 7
IČO: 25449265
DIČ: CZ25449265
(only “organiser”)
2. Time and place of the competition:
The competition takes place in the Czech Republic and the European Union from 6.1.2016 to 11.2.2016 (“place” and “time” of the competition).
3. Participation in the competition:
The consumer takes part in the competition by the next way: The competitor could be a person older than 15 years with the stay in the Czech Republic or European Union, which has sent in the time of the competition a photo of a Christmas tree with the Christmas decorations from Glassor s.r.o. per email on [email protected] in the right format gif, jpg, png or a photo on the address of the organiser.
All the competitors, who will right and fully accomplish the conditions of the competition, will be put in the competition. The organiser of the competition reserves the right for the review of the fulfilment of all rules by each competitor.
The persons, who don´t accomplish the conditions of the competition or who act in contradiction with the rules of the competition, won´t be rank in the competition. If it will happen, that such a person wins, e.g. in consequence of the untruthful information, don´t the right of the prize. In such case, the winner is the competitor on the next rank. Each person could take part of the competition only once, so win only one prize.
4. Winner, prizes and delivery of the prizes:
The winner is the competitor, which has sent the photo on the email [email protected] or on the postal address of the organiser from 6.1.2016 to 20.1.2016 and gets the most “Like” on the official Facebook site of Glassor, s.r.o. from 20.1.2016 to 11.2.2016. He will be informed during 5 days after the end of the competition.
The winners are the authors of the photos, who will get the most “Like” on the Facebook site of Glassor. 3 photos with the most “Like” will win (the rank after the number of the “Like”). Next 3 Christmas Trees will be chosen by experts. The other competitors on the rank 4 and higher will get a prize for the participation.
5. Names of the winners will be presented on the official website www.glassor.cz until 20.2.2016 by the organiser of the competition. The prize will be sent on the address indicated by the winner per email or telephone. The organiser is not responsible for the non-delivery of the prizes on the addresses of the winners. The prizes will be sent to the winners automatically until 30 days from the end of the competition. In case of the impossibility of the delivery (e.g. return to sender) or their non-accepting by the winner or in case of the problem with delivery, the prizes will expire to the organiser without compensation.
6. The organiser is not responsible for the lost, non-delivery or delay of the postal items, information sent per post, email or other form.
7. With the participation in the competition the participants accord with the rules of the competition and undertake to follow them.
8. The participation in the competition and the prizes are not enforced by the justice or recompensed in money.
9. Organiser reserves the right to change or modify the rules of the competition or to cancel the whole competition without reason or compensation.
10. With the participation in the competition the participants accord with their rules and with the presentation of the names of the winners by the organiser free of charge and with the publishing of the photos on the websites of the company, www.facebook.com and partner websites.
11. With the participation in the competition the participants give up the right to the photos or to the fee from the presentation of the sent photos.
12. The organiser is not responsible for the risk related with the realisation of the prize. He don´t assume any obligations not defined by this rules and the winners don´t any right to the fulfilment not defined in this rules.
13. The organiser reserves the right to eliminate the sent photos, which don´t respect the rules of the competition or oppose the good manners of the legal regulations of the Czech Republic, or can do violence to the competition or the organiser without any announcement or compensation.
14. The participant of the competition could be eliminated in case, that the organiser makes a discovery or suspects a swindle or abusive practices from the participant or other person, who can help the participant to the winning.
15. The organiser ensures the payment of the tax from the prizes in conformity to the right rules.
16. The competitor consents by the use of his data on www.glassor.cz (only ”data”) the inclusion to the database of the internet shop Glassor.cz – Glassor s.r.o. with the residence on Palackého 239, 46007 Liberec 7, IdNr.:25449265, TaxNr.:CZ25449265, as administrator (only “company”) and their next processing by the processor for the marketing use of the company, i.e. offer of the products or services, sending of information about the organized events, products and activities, as well as the sending of the business advices by the electronic way in accordance with the act 480/2004 Sb., until further notice (maximum until 10 years). Next data could be assigned to this data. The competitor assigns that he has right in accordance to the §11, 21 act 101/2000 Sb., that means that the provision of the data is voluntary, the agreement could be cancelled on the residence of the company anytime, the competitor has the access to his personal data and the right to change this data, blocking of the wrong data, their liquidation etc. In case of doubt about the regulatory compliance by the administrator, he can contact the company or turn to the Office of Fair Trading.

17. All the employees of the organiser, owner, all cooperated agencies and their nearest persons are excluded from the competition. If such a person will be the winner, the prize won´t be awarded.

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