Conditions of Competition

Conditions of Competition

1. Organizer of the competition:


Palackého 239

460 07 Liberec 7

ID: 25449265

Tax ID: CZ25449265

(hereinafter called the "organizer”)

2. Date and place of the competition:

The competition takes place on the territory of the Czech Republic from 20 December 2012 to 31 January 2013 (hereinafter referred to as "place of the competition" and "the time of the competition").

3. Participation in the contest:

Consumers participating in the competition as follows: The competitors can only be physical entity older than 15 years with permanent residence in the Czech Republic, which at the time of the competition correctly answer the competition question on www.glassor.cz and completely fills his or her personal information.

The competition will be included only those competitors who fully and properly fulfilled all the conditions set out to the competition. Organizer of the competition has the right to the final assessment of the fulfillment of the conditions of competition by individual competitors.

Persons not meeting the conditions of participation in the competition or acts in contrary to the rules of competition will not be accepted. If it turns out that such a person notwithstanding that became winners as due to the false information provided, is not eligible to win. In this case, the winner becomes a competitor who will be determined as next in order. This competition may be every person attended only once and always win a maximum of one prize.

4. The winner, prizes in the competition and handing prizes:

The winner of the competition becomes a competitor who recorded on to our Facebook or send an email to [email protected] (subsequently will be added to our Facebook by us) photo of his/her Christmas tree and this will be evaluated as the best, second and third best by employers and company management of GLASSOR, Ltd., and that the winners will be announced no later than the day after the competition deadline date February 2, 2013. Other participants in the competition have no right to receive winning voucher from us.

5. The names of the winners of the competition will be published on the website www.glassor.cz by organizer, no later than 1.2.2012. Prize will be sent to winners to the address given to organizer give t by telephone or mail request. The organizer is not responsible for the failure to deliver the winnings to address of the competition winners. Prizes will be automatically sent to the winners’ addresses within 30 days after the competition deadline date. In case of impossibility to deliver the winnings (return to sender) or their not taking over by winners or if another problem with the delivery of prizes, than shall be forfeited without compensation to organizer.

6. Organizer shall not be responsible for any loss, non-delivery or delay of competition shipments or announcements sent by Czech post or carrier, email or otherwise.

7. By participating the competition competitors expresses their agreement with the competition rules and undertakes to comply fully.

8. Participation in the competition or prizes cannot be enforced by legal way or alternatively paid in money.

9. Organizer of the competition reserves the right to amend or modify the competition´ rules or completely cancel the competition without giving any reasons or compensation.

10. By participating the competition each competitor expresses his/her agreement with the rules and the fact that the organizer of competition is authorized for free publishing the names of the winners indefinitely and publish photos sent to website of organizer, www.facebook.com, and other partner websites.

11. Organizer of the not responsible for any risks associated with the realization of prizes to the winners do not assume any other obligations than rules specified above and the winners are not eligible for any other benefits from the organizer than that specified in these rules.

12. Organizer reserves the right, without any announcement and compensation to exclude sent works from the competition which do not conform to the rules of the competition or otherwise conflict with good manners, laws of the Czech Republic, and possibly can damage the good reputation of organizer.

13. The competition participant will be excluded from the competition if the organizer finds, or will have competent suspicion of fraudulent or unfair conduct by any of the competitors or any other person who helped the participant of the competition to get the prize.

14. Organizer shall pay any withholding taxes; the prizes are burdened, in accordance with the relevant legislation.

15. Competitors by their agreement about using their personal data on www.glassor.cz by organizer, (hereinafter referred to as "data") agrees with their inclusion in the internet shop Glassor.cz - of GLASSOR Ltd. based on Palackého 239, 460 07 Liberec 7, ID: 25449265, VAT: CZ25449265, as trustee (the "Company"), and with their subsequent processing through the processor for marketing purposes, ie offering of products and services, including sending information about organized events, products and other activities as well as sending of commercial information through electronic means according to Act No. 480/2004 Coll., for a period until consent is removed (for a maximum period of 10 years) with the fact that these data may be associated with other data. Competitor notes that has rights according to § 11 and 21 of the Act. No. 101/2000 Coll., i.e. in particular that providing data is voluntary, that his/her approval may at any time for free withdraw, he/she has the right of access to personal data and to correct the personal data, blocking incorrect personal data its disposal etc. In case of doubt on compliance with rights by administrator can contact the Company and, where appropriate, may also contact the Office for personal Data Protection.

16. All employees of organizer and all cooperating agencies, persons close to them and relatives are excluded from the competition. In case that the winner becomes a person who is an employee of these companies, their relatives or person close to them, the price fails to deliver.

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