About company


Glassor s.r.o.

is a Czech company engaged in the field of design, production technology, production, sales and export of Christmas decoration made of glass. The Czech glass and glass decoration in our country is based on a long tradition and the Glassor Company is trying to inspirit this tradition again.Even though founded in 2002 first, the company is trying to take up the old tradition of glass-blowing and hand-painting of Christmas decorations going back to the 19th century.

Christmas Ornaments Production

The GLASSOR Company focuses itself not solely to the very production of the Christmas decoration but creates annually new topical collections complementing the trends in the field of interior design. The creation process of new collections starts at the beginning of the year by the exhibition „Christmasworld“ in Frankfort, Germany, namely where the important producers and designers present new trends of Christmas and holiday decorations for the next season. To the further sources of inspiration count companies, consisting of specialists in the field of interior design, architecture and fashion, who follow and analyze color trends in the interiors. Based on the results of these analyses, these companies define color trends presenting the main streams for the interior colors for the coming season. This information join our designers together with their own ideas and customer’s needs and wishes and create annually 5-7 collections which are, consequently, presented in the framework of a contract exhibition in the summer months. Furthermore, the decors are being adjusted according to the customer’s needs so that they perfectly fit the entire collection of the business partner. (They buy Christmas decorations from various producers all over the world. These have to go together with the entire product range, with the soft furnishing and interior accessories such as utensils, table-cloths, candles and bands especially).