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1.6.2017                                      Wedding and seasonal glass decoration

The atmosphere of every moment is hidden in details, especially in the case of a wedding. Even though the whole event is about fiancés and waiting for the magical "yes," it is good to think about the little things that give the moment a uniqueness. Nowadays, wedding trends are as personalized as possible and show guests a unique style of newlyweds. How easy is that? Handmade glass decorations from our GLASSOR Czech production can help with this. This year we have prepared a special collection for you with a wedding theme.
"This year's collection includes classical clear glass decorations, which have a transparent but also painted variant, the second option is an ivory-coloured line with white and colourful decoration. We offer all these variants not only in the shape of a classic bauble, but also as hearts, birds or drops - each of them can be hung up without any problems thanks to its own hook, creating a beautiful spatial effect", presents the wedding collection KateĊ™ina Tichá, the owner of GLASSOR. In addition, if you want to promote a romantic and intimate atmosphere on the spot, you should choose the right lighting.
Classic candles create a beautiful, warm light that you can use to light up place on tables in glass stands, but they can be also uniquely hanged up. For this purpose, the summer wedding collection is made of round glass decorations with a small side opening, in which you can place a tea candle. Several such hanging ornaments over tables at garden party will create an unforgettable experience throughout the day.